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    Shannon Green

    I chose to try Twins Salon because they're located near our new home in SW Houston and I was in desperate need of a cut and color. I expected they would be the first of many salons I would try before I found one I liked. I was so wrong. I'm not going anywhere else! Ira took the time to talk about color, show me swatches, make suggestions, and she listened very carefully to everything I told her. She applied the color like an artist, selecting just the right places to put each highlight. I was very impressed! I told Azar that I like the back of my hair to be short but I don't want it too short in the front and on the sides. Then I told her I really didn't know what I wanted and if she had some ideas for something that would look good on me she should just go ahead and try it. She spent quite a bit of time on the back but didn't do a whole lot to the front. I was a little concerned but I didn't have my glasses on so I really couldn't see what was going on. When she finished and I put on my glasses I thought, "OH MY GOSH! This is the hairstyle I was born to have! Why hasn't anyone ever cut my hair like this before??" Clearly I am VERY pleased! I was concerned that I might not be able to duplicate the style at home without a flat iron and a lot of effort but again I was wrong. I don't know what kind of magic they worked on on my hair to make it behave but all I have to do is blow dry it and go. Twins Salon is a beautiful salon with a relaxing atmosphere and highly skilled stylists. Ira and Azar are stunningly beautiful, which could have been intimidating for me except that they are both so open and friendly and thoughtful...it was like spending the afternoon with good friends.

  • Review Twins Salon - Hair Salon

    Kristyn A.

    Azar did a wonderful job on my cut and made my hair have some life again The ladies are very sweet and I look forward to ira doing my color next visit It was a comfortable experience for a new client and I am so happy how close they are too Thank you

  • Review Twins Salon - Hair Salon

    Kerry K.

    This place is great. My daughter and I went in just based on reviews - and we were not disappointed Both of our highlights and cuts turned out fantastic!

  • Review Twins Salon - Hair Salon

    Nadia L.

    I have never been so impressed at a salon I just happen to walk into while out of town. Seriously. After being laid up in bed for two months unable to use my right arm at all, I needed serious help and I needed a makeover BAD. My hair was long and so over processed and so tired. Wasn't sure what I wanted other than a scalp treatment and blow out, but I could not be more happy with my new hair and my new look!!! I was getting my nails done next door and heard from a couple of people how great these ladies are so I walked back over and they really took care of me. They are kind and smart and sweet and classy. Azar & Ira are both so sweet and so well educated on hair that they are truly experts. Each takes their specialty very seriously and each takes the time to talk to you before they start.. I am SO PLEASED I will be driving back every 5-6 weeks to get my hair done - and I live 2 hours away!!! I highly recommend!!!! TWO THUMBS UP FOR TWO BEAUTIFUL SISTERS!! Thank you both so very much. Most Sincerely, Nadia Anabtawi

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    Aamina Daudpota

    My entire life, I can confidently say I have never been extremely happy with my haircut. I have had haircuts ranging from 100s of dollars all the way to 20 trying to discover a good hairstylist. Azar did an amazing job! they have earned them self a lifetime customer. highly recommend

  • Review Twins Salon - Hair Salon

    Sarah K.

    I went to Twins Salon after my friend recommended them. I went in with 5/6 shades of hair color hoping to get blonde highlights. Ira took her time explaining me what my options were and started working on my hair. The result was AWESOME!! Ira did an amazing job!!! I LOVE my new hair!! And her sister did such a great job styling it! Definitely going back!

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    Sunny M

    Love this place! Every time I go, I see Ira and Azar. They do everything they can to make your visit a great experience. I love that Ira takes her time to make sure every last detail of the color is perfect; this way I get to relax, and I know that whatever I walk out of the salon with is going to be on point. I've always had pretty long hair, and last year Azar gave me my first short cut in years: a slightly asymmetrical shoulder-length bob. It was amazing. Highly recommended!

  • Review Twins Salon - Hair Salon

    Salman H.

    This place is amazing. Their service is exceptional and they take pride in their work. I am very picky about my stylist, and these people satisfied all my requirements. They were the instructors at Tony and Guy, now they provide their expertise at a better price.

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