TwinSSalon offers gift cards in store. We have gift card options of $25, $50, and $100. Buying one of our gift cards can be the perfect treat for yourself or another. When you buy a TwinSSalon gift card we add an additional 10% extra credit to your gift card.

Buying a TwinSSalon gift card can work for all types of occasions:

  •   Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (Dads like to be treated too!)
  • Or just to show your appreciation for a friend, relative, or spouse

Buy a gift card for your

  • wife/husband
  • girlfriend/boyfriend
  • mother/father
  • sister/brother
  • friends

TwinSSalon offers facials, hair removal, makeovers, deep conditioning treatment, and high end hair products in addition to our color and cut services - our gift cards gives the receiver the option to choose to their liking.

Buying a gift card may ease the hassle of searching endlessly for the perfect gift. Don’t worry about whether your gift will be of any use. Everyone goes to the hair salon so let the next visit be taken care of. Your gift card definitely won’t go to waste. You also get your bucks’ worth with our additional 10%. You can stop by anytime to purchase and pick up a gift card.

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