What Profession Goes with What Kind of Haircut and Color

Believe it or not, your hairstyle says a lot about your personality right off the bat, and first impressions are everything when it comes to job interviews and new careers. As Midge Wilson, PhD, professor of psychology at DePaul University, recently explained in an interview with Elle, your hair can work for — or against — you in the workplace, depending on your profession.

Think your hair might be holding you back? Here are some quick tips about careers and hairstyle to think about before your next trip to the salon:


Creative Types

For those in creative careers — artists, tattoo artists, web designers, photographers, interior designers, and more — a blunt haircut is the way to go. If a creative career piques your interest, this may be the perfect time to go platinum blonde or jet black.

Blunt, straight-across bangs and short, sleek hair are also great options for creative types. These cuts and colors can help you look more modern, trendy, and bold to others in your industry.



On the flipside, if you’re working in a professional field like finance, banking, HR, or business, it’s important to maintain a polished look. For most professional women, this often means keeping hair at a short to medium length with a solid, natural-looking color.

In a professional environment, sleek hair is a must, but as a woman, an added element is maintaining a low-maintenance look around your colleagues. That’s why too many highlights, layers, or bangs typically shouldn’t be your go-to style.



Much like creative types, those working specifically in fashion or entertainment may want to consider a bold color. While there are plenty of current trends to follow, such as trying out a balayage, icy blonde or grey color, or going for the “undone” look, one trend the fashion world is seeing right now is bold hair colors, like red and copper.

A fiery hair color exudes passion and confidence, which can work wonders for you if you’re jumping into a career in fashion.


Curly vs. Straight

Figuring out whether to straighten your natural curls for your career is a struggle many women have to deal with at work. For years, straight hair in the workplace has been the golden standard.

It’s true that straight hair reflects more shine and looks more polished and groomed than curly hair. For that reason alone, women with straight hair tend to be taken more seriously by their colleagues.

On the other hand, curly-haired women are often viewed as more approachable and carefree, which also works to your advantage, depending on your chosen career path.

If you do decide to wear your hair curly to work or for a job interview, make sure each curl is coiffed and as sleek as possible. A combination of leave-in conditioner, smoothing serum, and curl cream can help your curls look well-cared-for and polished.

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