Totally Doable New Year’s Resolutions For A Healthy 2019

We do the same thing every year: make a clear list of resolutions, follow them for a week, and give up before the ink is even dry. Why is it always so hard to stick to our New Year’s goals? Even with the best intentions, following through with our annual resolutions is easier said than done.

That’s why it’s time to ditch those unattainable goals, the ones that end up just making us feel bad about ourselves. This year, let’s throw out our old lists and start fresh with goals we can actually achieve.

Add Vegetables To Your Meals

Starting a diet is probably the number one New Year’s resolution on every list, but it’s also the one goal most people give up on right away. There’s good reason for that: sticking to a diet is really hard!

Giving up your favorite foods is never easy; eliminating sweets and junk food entirely almost never works out the way you think it will. That’s why you just shouldn’t do it this year.

Instead, try adding leafy greens and vegetables to your favorite meals. This way, you’re not getting rid of your favorite foods, you’re just adding vitamins and minerals into the mix.

Over time, the vegetables you add to your meals will start to fill you up sooner, so you’ll eat less of the junk that only adds to your waistline!

Cross the Toughest Item Off Your To-do List First

There’s no worse feeling than the dread of putting off your toughest, most tedious task of the day to the last minute. In the moment, it feels good to procrastinate when you really don’t want to do something. But if you absolutely must check it off your to-do list no matter what, saving it for the end of the day is going to do more harm than good.

In the New Year, try getting your most important task out of the way first thing in the morning, so you don’t have to spend all day thinking about it. The rest of the day will feel so much easier when you’re not constantly worrying about what you have to do next!

Take A Moment for Yourself

As we get older, it’s all too easy to put our own well-being on the back burner. Between juggling work and kids, and still holding on to some semblance of a social life, you may find that you’re not prioritizing yourself.

Let’s change that in 2019! Try taking 15 minutes in the morning to meditate or prep your mind for the day ahead. Even better, opt for a morning workout or brisk walk to get your blood flowing before heading off to work.

Carving out a little “me time” is so important for your mental health, but you have to make that time for yourself.

As you head into the New Year, remember that there’s always time to add to your list of resolutions…just make sure they are goals you can meet!

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