Top Hair Trends To Try This Spring

This change in weather warrants a change in style, but a major hair makeover can feel terrifying without a guide toward what’s trending. A fresh cut and color will set the tone for the rest of the season, and now that we’re heading into spring, you want to make sure your hair looks trendy and stylish. So, without further ado, here are some of the type hair trends to try this spring:

Low bun

In a sea of top knots, there’s been a sudden yet welcome resurgence of polished low bun styles. The idea is to make the style look effortless and put together at the same time. Simply part your hair down the middle and circle the ends right at the nape of your neck, securing them with an elastic band or bobby pins. This simple style can look either elegant or carefree depending on how polished you make your bun. Because low buns look best when they’re on the smaller side, this style works best on short and medium hair lengths.

Blunt Bobs

Looking to make a major change? Well, now might be the time to chop it all off! The warmer the weather gets, the more we’ll see celebrities sporting short, effortless hairstyles. Models like Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner have already started sporting blunt bobs in 2019, veering away from choppy cuts, a move Harpers Bazaar predicts is only going to gain popularity as we delve deeper into spring and summer. What makes a blunt bob the perfect choice this year is that they look great on any face shape and can be easily adjusted to flatter your unique bone structure.

Lilac and Grey Colors

While we’ve seen the lilac and grey hair trends build over the last year or so, they’ve never been as popular as they are now that we’re deep in spring. Both subtle and unexpected, lilac and grey are trendy hair colors that look wonderful on women of any age. Lilac works best on lighter hair colors, while experts suggest matching your grey color as closely as possible to the natural grey in your hair to ensure it blends in seamlessly with your skin tone.

Full Ponytails

One glance at the runways this season will tell you that big hair is back (finally!), and the easiest way to capture that trend at home is to focus on your ponytail. While it’s hard to go wrong with a sleek ponytail, spring is the perfect time to try lighter, bouncier styles. A classic blowout is typically all you need to achieve this classic look. If your hair is on the straighter side, however, you can easily touch up overly straight pieces with a curling wand.


One of the most noticeable hair trends we’ve seen this spring is the ‘90s revival of delicate hair accessories. Gone are the days of butterfly clips, as this renaissance focuses on dainty jewelry and pins that look romantic on any hair type, from pin straight to natural curls. To get the look, simply pull small front pieces of your hair back with a delicate pin.

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