Things Hairstylists Do Before Blow-Drying That You Don’t

There’s a reason you always seem to have the best hair day of your life when you walk out of a salon. All hairstylists have secrets, tips and tricks for creating Instagram-worthy looks. The main difference is when you have a professional handling things like giving a blowout or creating curls, you’re having the work done by a pro (who also happens to have full range of motion with both of their arms at all angles of your head).

We go to great lengths to achieve a smooth, bouncy blowout. But it’s important to ensure you’re blow-drying your hair the right way, because the wrong way can leave your with hair that falls completely flat or that has extreme frizz. Using a high-quality blow dryer is key. But sometimes small changes in technique can also make a huge difference.


These small hairstylist-approved blow dry tips can make a big difference in how great your hair looks and how long your style lasts.

  • For extra volume, blow dry your roots first, lifting your hair up with your fingers or a round brush. If you start at your ends or somewhere in the middle of your length or hair, you pull down on wet roots, which flattens them out.


  • If you want a blowout to last, your hair needs to be 100 percent dry. If there are any damp spots, these sections of hair can frizz and fall. So make sure to feel around for damp spots in your locks and dry them thoroughly.


  • Applying some sort of thermal protection during heat styling is key to protecting your strands. Pay special attention to the ends, which tend to get the most abuse and are therefore often the most damaged and delicate.


  • It’s not a good idea to spray or slather on your favorite heat protecting product if your wet hair is freshly washed. The reason is because wet hair doesn’t accept any more moisture from product. Instead, you should actually blow dry your product-free hair to about 20% dryness before applying any product. This gives your hair’s cuticle time to swell and embrace whatever product you apply.


  • After drying your hair slightly, it’s time to apply some kind of products keep your style in place longer while adding shine, bounce and support. You can apply the product with your hands, but many stylists also use a fine-toothed comb to make sure every strand is coated evenly.


  • In addition to a heat protectant when blow-drying, always use an anti-humidity hair product as well to keep your strands sleek and styled. Focus it on the roots, which is where heat and sweat escapes from your scalp and humidity happens. When spritzing on this or any other product, you can use your blow dryer to lock the style in place. Also, if your bathroom is humid, move to your bedroom or some other location to avoid frizz-causing humidity.


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