The Best Haircuts and Styles for Different Face Shapes

It’s hard to admit that a haircut that looks great on Olivia Wilde might not have the same effect when you try it out. A cut and style that enhances one woman’s best features doesn’t always flatter another.

Figuring out your face shape can help you on your quest to finding the best haircut and style for you. Fortunately, your shape likely fits into one of these 4 categories:


  • Round

What it looks like: Equal length and width of face with rounded cheekbones.

Celebrity matches: Selena Gomez, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Chrissy Teigen.

Best haircut options:

  • Short: If you’re thinking of chopping it all off, do it — but you have to commit! Round faces look best with very short, choppy, or spiky cuts.
  • Medium: A choppy layered bob looks fantastic on women with round faces.
  • Long: Opt for staggered waves in which the first layer hits the jawline.


  •  Oval

What it looks like: Length of face is longer than the width, while the forehead is wider than the chin.

Celebrity matches: Jessica Alba, Rihanna, and Kate Middleton.

Best haircut options:

  • Short: To show off your features, try a short, blunt bob with subtle layers.
  • Medium: A lob or shoulder-length cut with long layers looks great on women with oval face shapes.
  • Long: Keep it long, add bangs, and try it all! Oval face shapes have the easiest time pulling off most haircuts.


  • Heart

What it looks like: A pointed chin and a wide forehead, almost like an inverted triangle.

Celebrity matches: Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, and Ashley Olsen

Best haircut options:

  • Short: A choppy pixie cut or short bob with wispy layers.
  • Medium: Side-swept bangs and shoulder-length layers looks great on women with heart-shaped faces.
  • Long: If you want to keep your hair long, try adding some long layers.


  • Square

What it looks like: The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are much defined and all about the same width and length.

Celebrity matches: Olivia Wilde, Lucy Hale, and Cameron Diaz.

Best haircut options:

  • Short: A short, layered bob always looks amazing on women with square faces.
  • Medium: Longer, feathery layers for shoulder-length hair can soften strong features.
  • Long: A scattering of very long layers, even long bangs, smooth out the cheekbones and jawline.


  • Diamond

What it looks like: A narrow forehead and narrow, pointy chin that are typically the same width and length.

Celebrity matches: Keira Knightley, Ashley Greene, and Selma Blair.

Best haircut options:

  • Short: For a sleek look, try a chin-length bob with subtle layers.
  • Medium: A shoulder-length cut with wispy edges can help soften sharp features.
  • Long: Diamond face shapes look great with lots of long layers.

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