Summer Hair Color Trends: Think Pink

Summer is a great time to dip into a fresh, new hair color. Pastel and vibrant hues are more popular than ever, and blonde is always going to be a hit in the hotter months, but this summer, pink rules supreme. Why pink? Why not?! Pink hair is all over social media, but it’s not as shocking or in-your-face as you might think.

Whether you’re looking to match your hair to your favorite food (yes… it’s a thing) or you love mermaid and unicorn-inspired hair, pink is the color of the season.


LaCroix-Inspired Hair

Texans may love their Topo Chico sparkling mineral water, but LaCroix-inspired hair color is the latest trend rocking the country. To be clear, it’s not actually the beverage sparking the creating juices of colorists — it’ the painted cans inspiring the current color craze. If you’re a La Croix girl, draw your inspiration from the cans of the Pamplemousse, Cerise Limón, Múre Pepino, Cran-Raspberry and Passionfruit flavors.


Halo Top Hair

You’ll find Blue Bell ice cream all over Houston, but this summer’s trend is all about Halo Top. The zero-calorie hair color creations bear striking resemblances to the low-calorie ice cream, and it’s a fun way to add multi-dimensional color to your hair. Look at the Black Cherry, Rainbow Swirl, Birthday Cake and Red Velvet Halo Top flavors for your inspiration.


Peanut Butter & Jelly

This elementary school staple is taking over Instagram. Instead of a subtle balayage or full-blown rainbow hair, this hair color trend offers a hefty dose of nostalgia with berry- and caramel- or golden blonde colored highlights. If you dig strawberry jelly, go for anything from light pink to deep red. If grape is more your jam, incorporate in purple. Alternate sections with a berry shade on pieces and maroon on others. It’s a great choice if you want something natural, colorful and fun, all rolled into one!


Rose Gold Hair

This is where the current pink obsession started. Rose gold is a pretty, ethereal shade of pink-tinted blonde that lights up your whole look.


Buttered Rose Gold Hair

Blend slightly metallic pink with yellowy-blonde tones. You’ll end up with a very lived-in, wearable version of rose.


Millennial Pink Hair

Rose Quartz, one of the Pantone colors of 2016, is still a hit in 2018. Millennial pink is everywhere, from clothing, home decorating goods and even kitchen appliances. So of course, you can rock this as a hair color too.


Burgundy Hair

Burgundy is auburn’s cool cousin, and it’s a great look for summer if you naturally have very dark hair.


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