Simple Ways to Style Your Hair without Heat

With the weather getting colder and drier, nothing sounds less appealing than damaging your hair any further with hot tools like blow dryers and straighteners. All that heat can make your once-soft mane feel crispy, fried, and rough. While it’s important to make sure your hair is as moisturized as possible throughout winter, it’s also a great idea to give those dry locks a little break from the heat. Think your hair won’t look good without heating tools? Think again! There are tons of simple hair tricks to get you through the rest of winter, without adding all that extra heat.

Try Braids

You don’t need a curling iron, wand, or hair straightener to get beachy waves. Not only are braids perfect for giving you loose curls and waves, they also help protect your hair against breakage while you sleep. If you like to shower before bed, keep your hair damp and use any products that you would normally put in your hair before it dries. Next, create two simple braids

— not too tight! — before you head to bed. When you wake up in the morning, you should have gorgeous beachy waves. Not a fan of showering at night? Spritz your hair with some water and smoothing serum before braiding your hair for the same effect.

Air Dry

This should go without saying, but the best way to style your hair without heat is simply to air dry. Unfortunately, most of us don’t wake up with perfect, ready-to-go hair in the morning — if we did, we wouldn’t use heating tools in the first place! To keep your hair looking sleek and put together, try buying products specifically made for air drying, like a detangling smoothing spray or glossing serum, while your hair is still wet. Another tip for air drying is to avoid doing it right before bed. A shower in the morning or afternoon will give you a lot more time to let your hair air dry naturally to get the style you want.

Go For a Classic Bun

The easiest no-heat style, a bun is classic and elegant — perfect for any occasion. Depending on your activities, you can keep your bun low and loose or opt for a bold, sleek top knot. A bun is simple and easy, but most of all, it takes just a few minutes in the morning to get it right. If you usually wear your hair down and feel uncomfortable with your hair up, try adding a pop of sparkle by choosing a bold lip color or statement earrings.

Add Volume

Many women use heating tools to add volume to limp hair, but you can easily get the look you want without a blow dryer or curling iron. The first step is to make sure you’re using the right products, such as volumizing spray, sea salt spray for texture, or dry shampoo — often a combination of all three. These products will help give your hair the lift you want, without adding heat damage. To make sure your hair stays flawless when you sleep, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase, which minimizes breakage and frizz.

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