Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

A great haircut can make you look younger, healthier, thinner and more poised. When your hair is on-point, you feel cuter, happier and more self-assured. But a bad haircut can cut through all that confidence if it leaves you feeling or looking older. Here are some of the biggest mistakes women make with their hair — and how to avoid them!


Outdated Looks
If you’ve been rocking the exact same hairstyle for decades, it’s time for a change. Sure, the 80s and 90s are cool again, but your hairstyle is dated. It’s time to evolve and try a new look that looks modern.


Helmet Head
Products are your friend, but super-stiff looks shellacked in hairspray have been out of style for at least 20 years. It’s time to let your hair move a little. There are plenty of other products that help create volume and hold your style, and today’s best hairsprays are flexible and more versatile to allow some bounce and movement. Remember: when the wind blows, it’s OK if your hair does too.


Big Hair
Texans love their big hair, and a little volume can be gorgeous, but if your hair is thinning, going overboard on creating volume with teasing and products will age you. Too much frizz and stiff hairspray reads very 80s. Nowadays, hair height is less important than a sleek, modern look and bouncier body. Instead, try cutting flattering layers, use a great volumizing shampoo and dry your hair with a round brush.


Way Too Long
All women can rock longer hair, but when it’s so crazy-long you can nearly tuck it into your waistband, it can drag you down. Literally. Hair that is too long can age a woman, so work with your stylist to make a chop and find the perfect length to compliment your face shape (and age). Also, be mindful that as we age, our hair thins, and keeping hour hair long may accentuate this. Update to a style with long layers and depth, or consider a lob.


Going Too Dark
A hair color that’s too dark can be too severe and add years to your face. Also, dark colors show gray or white roots faster than a lighter and more subtle color. Instead of always embracing the dark side, find a lighter, softer hair color that complements your skin tone and brightens your complexion. And if you’re coloring your hair anyway, blend a few shades to add depth and dimension, but avoid “stripes” of color and other trends targeted to a younger generation.


Some ladies aiming for a more youthful appearance embrace what they wore when they were younger. But most accessories — whether they appeal to a younger crowd, like bows and scrunchies, or if they are dated trends, such as clips, headbands, barrettes and claws — simply don’t work as well as you age. They look immature or like a fashion faux-pas. You’re better off taking a less-is-more approach when it comes to hair accessories. Use simple tools, such as plain ponytails or bobby pins, and choose accessories that match or are a similar tone to the color of your hair.

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