Hair and Makeup Tips to Transform Your Look

There’s something about the new year that makes some people crave a dramatic change, and sometimes that includes your physical appearance. Some people try to drop weight and buy a new wardrobe. Others using the changing calendar year to reinvent their look and revamp their hair and makeup.

A new year brings with it a whole host of new hair and makeup trends just waiting for you to experiment. Here are some things to transform your look.


Make a Major Chop

A pixie cut may be too radical of a change, but nothing feels more exhilarating, empowering and liberating than lopping off several inches of your hair, especially if you’ve had the same length for a long time. If you’re serious about making a major change, this is the best way to do it.


Change Your Hair Color

Color is also a great way for a high-impact change, especially if you go from one extreme to another: from blonde to red, or from raven to platinum! Or experiment with unicorn hair or a single vibrant shade, like pink or blue. Have fun with it and be adventurous in your choice — you can always change it again in a few weeks or months!


Get Bangs

Love them or hate them, bangs are an easy way to switch up your style. The biggest fringe benefit is that there are so many ways and styles to cut bangs, and we can find a look that is most flattering with your face shape. Plus, we can show you how to style them with ease.


Part Your Hair on the Other Side

If you’ve been parting your hair on the same side for as long as you can remember, flipping your part to the other side is a way to make a more subtle change that still has a big impact. Friends may stare at your for a while, knowing you look different but unable to pinpoint how or why!


Wear Red Lipstick

Especially if you never wear lipstick, red can feel like a really bold choice. But red is one of the most universally flattering and wearable colors, as long as you find the right shade to flatter your skin tone. Pick a blue-red or true-red that’s neither too cool or too warm. Wearing red lipstick with confidence is a classic, feminine look that really packs a punch in brightening your teeth and making your skin glow.


Line Your Eyes Differently

If you’re already a makeup lover, chances are you’re already lining your eyes. So make a change in either your technique or color. If you normally use a brown or black liner, try gray, dark green or deep navy blue. If your go-to liner is a pencil, try a liquid liner instead. And if you normally draw a fine line, try a winged or cat-eye look.


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