Great Hairstyles for Dads at Any Age

Great Hairstyles for Dads at Any Age

When it comes to hair care, we immediately picture a woman in the salon chair. But men care about their hair too — sometimes more! A man’s haircut can make or break his entire look, so it’s always important to choose one that helps pull his style together. This is especially difficult for dads, who often have a tricky time balancing self-care and being a great dad. If you’re searching for a new ‘do that works perfectly for you (or an amazing man in your life), try one of these classic hairstyles for dads at any age.

Make it modern

One of the most popular men’s haircuts of 2019 has been keeping the length extra short, often shaved, on the sides, and longer on top. This style offers a streamlined look that’s both modern and trendy. Feeling bold? Try a dramatic part to one side to add some serious drama to your new style. If your hair isn’t easily styled, try adding a dime-sized amount of pomade into your routine.

Try a pompadour cut

If you have a full head of hair, a pompadour cut can help you show off the volume you were blessed with. It works perfectly for men with thick straight or wavy/curly hair and is especially fitting for those who hate cutting their hair. A pompadour gives you a fantastic style without a dramatic cut.

Short and simple

Whether you have thick hair or thin, short or curly, this haircut flatters just about every man. Simply ask for a cut that’s very short on the sides and slightly longer on top. Because of its simplicity, this short and simple haircut looks fresh, modern, and classic at the same time.

Messy and brushed up

If your hair is medium length and on the straighter side, try spiking up the front slightly and leaving the rest a little messy. This style is effortless and trendy, but the best part is that it looks fantastic on men of all ages.

Slicked back

When most men think of slicked back hair they imagine pounds of gel and a cheesy, outdated style. But with the right products and techniques, your hair will look fresh and polished for any occasion. Instead of using gel to perfect your look, try a small amount of flexible mousse.

High Pompadour

James Dean was famous for his rebel attitude, stunning good looks, and unrivaled charm. It’s been nearly 65 years since his death, but we still can’t stop talking about Dean’s hair! Both effortless and cool, Dean’s hairstyle has stood the test of time and continues to be a great look for the modern dad. For a more updated, everyday look, keep the high pompadour style on top and ask for a dramatic fade on the sides. This style is fresh and modern — perfect for dads at any age.

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