Holiday Beauty Gift Ideas Under $25

Who doesn’t love receiving beauty-related gifts at Christmas? During this time of year, it’s often your biggest bang for your buck, as most gift sets are sold below the price you would pay if buying each item individually. Plus, it gives you a chance to try more products from brands you’ve heard of or already


Break These Bad Skin Care Habits

We all have bad habits. From biting your nails or not flossing regularly, to poor posture or eating junk food, many seemingly small “bad behaviors” fly under the radar until something like a dentist exam or weight gain happens and forces us to realize the impact of our little quirks. When it comes to your


Face Yoga Offers Relaxing Poses to Smooth Lines

Most of us are interested in smoothing fine lines and relaxing the deeper wrinkles on our faces. Many people use lotions or serums. Some will turn to Botox, fillers or surgery. And now, more and more are beginning to rely on exercise! Face yoga is a series of exercises to relax and tone muscles. Proponents

Getting Ready for The Big Night

When you look back on highschool, one of the biggest memories you’ll want to remember is prom! Prom will be a night to remember and everyone wants that perfect night. Yet, prom can be stressful if you don’t prepare accordingly. As a  senior girl, you’ll want to plan for prom so you don’t run into

All About Buns

When looking for an easy hair fix, a bun can be the perfect solution. You can dress it up or casual it down, buns are great for any and every occasion. In a rush? Looking for something casual? Looking for an elegant look? Hair for a formal evening? Don’t worry, buns give you the options

Best Haircuts for Different Face Shapes

Hair can make or break one’s appearance. Choosing the right hairstyle for your face is one of the most important decisions for your look. Everyone’s facial features are different and whatever you think is beautiful, is beautiful. We’ve just chosen out a couple haircuts that are ideal to bring out each individual’s stunning features! Front

Hottest Celebrity Hair Colours and Styles

Who’s better at keeping up with new, modern trends than our beloved celebrities. We’ve listed the latest stunning hairstyles of our favorite singers, actresses, and models that’ll guarantee a jaw drop. Emma Stone One of our favorite redheads showed off her beautiful copper, red locks on the runway. The sunkissed auburn hair colour is gorgeous

4 Stunning Prom Hairstyles

Prom is the night for girls to express their inner runway model and hair plays a key role in that runway look. Hair for prom is just as important as the dress. Here are the top different prom hairstyles that guarantees a beautiful look. 1) updo An updo for prom is the perfect hairstyle for

Tips for Curling Your Hair

There are many ways to achieve that perfect curl. Curls can add a new style to your look, adding definition and volume to your hair giving a beautiful dimensional look. Curly hair is a great hairstyle for a casual lunch date, a night out, or even a formal runway look. Curling hair involves a step

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