Easy Ways to Change Up Your Look

Ever looked in the mirror and contemplated chopping off your dark brown hair and trying out a platinum blonde pixie cut? If you’re nodding your head, hoping for some outside reassurance to take the plunge, then you might be suffering from style boredom.

We all get bored with our style at some point, even if it still looks great. Most of us tend to gravitate toward the same hair and makeup trends every day. We know what stores we like to shop at and which outfits make us look our best.

It’s not a bad thing to know what works for you, but over time, this gets so boring. Once you realize it’s time for a change, you may be tempted to throw caution to the wind and completely overhaul your style routine.

But not so fast! You don’t have to revamp your whole hair and makeup routine to freshen up your look. Just a few minor changes can make a major impact on your look and boost your confidence:

  1. Change your lip color. You probably have a signature lip color at this point, or maybe you don’t even wear lipstick. Let’s change that! If you’re used to nudes and beige colors, try a bold red or plum. On the flip side, go for a minimal lipstick look if you typically use bright, rich colors.
  2. Freshen up your hair color. Bleaching your dark hair, or vice versa, may seem like the right idea when you’re feeling bored with your look, but there’s a better way to make the change without regretting what you’ve done. Opt for a richer shade of your natural color to make your hair look more polished, or try subtle highlights to add depth.
  3. Wear accessories. New accessories are the simplest way to change up your look without breaking the bank, but so few of us invest in them. Unless you’re already a dedicated accessories shopper, chances are your selection of scarves, vintage bracelets, and trendy belts are limited. Don’t have the money to spend on accessories? Check out your local consignment shops for rare finds.
  4. Try new eyeliner shades. Black and brown are not your only options when it comes to eyeliner colors. Gray can actually help soften your eyes, while white makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. There are also plenty of shades designed specifically for your eye color. For example, plum eyeliner dramatically enhances green eyes.
  5. Hop on the rainbow trend. If you’re looking to make a major change, without sacrificing your sophistication, try rainbow hair—this year’s hottest new hair trend. Pastel purples and greens, subtle pink, and rose gold are super fun trends that still look polished and put together.

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