Cool Haircuts for Men Over 40

Fabulous after 40 applies to both women and men! Sure, a man’s hairline may no longer start where it used to years ago, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. When it comes to getting older, gentlemen can age gracefully with a great haircut. But don’t fall into the trap of getting a haircut that’s too safe or boring… or too trendy.

Maintain a fresh and youthful look with a change that suits you. Maybe that means something slightly longer on top, but still an inch or two short on the sides. Perhaps you opt for a more laidback version of the high and tight crew cut. It’s buzzed on the sides, but not faded like a teen heartthrob. Or if you want something relatively maintenance-free, you could shave your head and confidently rock that look. Here are some great options.


Classic Caesar

This short, timeless cut is fairly effortless and rarely goes out of style. Plus, it helps cover up a receding hairline. And if George Clooney could rock this hairstyle for years, it has to be a winner.


Ivy League

Here’s another great, classic, shorter option that’s easy to maintain hairstyle. Comb it neatly to the side, or add some texture with hair products.


Relaxed Pompadour

If you still have quite a bit of hair, a loose pompadour projects a “rock ‘n’ roll” attitude while still feeling age-appropriate.


Shag or Long Layers

If you still have a full head of thick hair, go for it. But don’t try it if your hair is getting thin, because this style can make it look even thinner. For a more professional look, try long layers with a bit of taper around the sides and back.


Short Layer Cut

This is a good option if you want enough length for versatility, yet you can casually style it with your fingers most day. With hair products, you can create a sleek side part or add some height and texture to your do.


Short Textured Cut

Try a No. 3 blade on the sides and back, and about two inches long on top that is razor-cut to add separation and texture. Just be careful with using too many products, as you can separate the hair so much that you see your scalp.


Widow’s Peak Crop

Turn your peak into a stylish reference point with a 1-inch scissor cut or even a buzz cut.
If your hair is a little longer, use hair products to add some separation and texture.


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