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Happy Easter, everybody!

Whether you spend the morning setting up for your children’s egg hunt or go out for a nice lunch with family and friends, Easter is a day full of gratitude and celebration for all the special people in your life. As always, we appreciate your continued support of our growing business and hope your day


Top Hair Trends To Try This Spring

This change in weather warrants a change in style, but a major hair makeover can feel terrifying without a guide toward what’s trending. A fresh cut and color will set the tone for the rest of the season, and now that we’re heading into spring, you want to make sure your hair looks trendy and

5 Skin Damage Culprits to Avoid

5 Skin Damage Culprits to Avoid

Your skin is the first thing people notice when they meet you, but it’s hard to make a good first impression when you’re dealing with acne, redness, dry skin, or fine lines and wrinkles. It seems like just about anything can irritate and inflame your skin these days. However, there are plenty of major culprits

4 Scalp Treatments That Actually Work

4 Scalp Treatments That Actually Work

Cold, dry weather tends to make our hair and scalp feel dry and flaky. If you find yourself constantly scratching your head during these cool winter months, there are steps you can take to relieve that persistent itch and help your hair feel soft and healthy once again. To treat a dry scalp, dandruff, and


Great Celebrity Hair Care Tips

Ever wonder how celebrities always seem to have perfect hair, even when there’s no stylist in sight? While it’s true that they have every luxury money can buy, even the most famous celebrities have to take care of their own hair. Shiny, bouncy, full hair takes a lot of work to achieve, but you don’t

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