6 Tricks to Volumize Thin Hair

Long thick locks are every girl’s dream. Unfortunately, Rapunzel isn’t giving away any of her beauty secrets just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the thick hair you’ve always wanted.

There are plenty of easy ways to volumize your hair that have nothing to do with hair pieces, extensions, or pounds of hairspray. So, before your next big night out, try these hair thickening tips and tricks:

Exfoliate Your Scalp

Just like your skin, your hair needs to be exfoliated to help it grow thick and healthy. When your hair gets oily, your scalp begins to produce extra sebum, which clogs your hair follicles. Enough of this gunk in your scalp can even lead to hair loss. That’s why it’s important to exfoliate and massage your scalp in the shower at least once a week.

Talk to Your Doctor

If your thinning hair is a very recent occurrence, you might want to schedule a quick checkup with your doctor. Though rare, thinning hair and hair loss are signs of medical conditions such as alopecia, underactive thyroid, and extreme weight loss. You may have thinning hair when stressed, as well. Your doctor can give you coping strategies to help alleviate any stress that may be causing your hair to fall out.

Pay Attention to Your Roots

When it comes to volumizing hair, your roots are the first place to start. Next time you wash your hair, apply a small amount of lightweight mousse to your roots and use a rounded brush to pull up sections of your hair while blow drying. This will add subtle volume to your hair that looks beautiful and natural.

Be Gentle

Rubbing and twisting your hair with a towel the moment you step out of the shower will do little more than cause hair breakage and frizz. To add some much-needed lift to your locks, try gently dabbing your hair with a towel to soak up excess water. Even better, invest in a microfiber towel that causes less damage than a traditional bath towel.

Flip Your Hair

If you have very thin hair, flipping your head upside down to blow dry or style can help volumize your hair with little effort. After your next wash, flip your hair upside down to blow dry. Next, while your head is still turned upside down, spray a small amount of hairspray to your roots and wait 30 seconds before standing back up straight. This will give your hairspray a chance to set in.

Add Color

Before your next cut and color, talk to your stylist about adding some texture to your hair. Not only will highlights add depth to your hair, a bit of bleach will also make your hair feel less fine and slippery. While highlights and texture won’t actually make your hair thicker, it will create an illusion that it has extra body.

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