6 Tips for Taking Care of Short Curly Hair

When summer rolls around each year, it feels like every woman is ready to chop it all off. But do women with curly hair have that same luxury? Curls are fickle; sometimes they have a mind of their own. That’s why so many women like to keep their curls as long as possible to weigh them down. Unfortunately, that also means we tend not to step outside of our comfort zone when it comes to trying new cuts and styles. This summer, let’s try something new. Thanks to these short curly hair styling tips, you can rock your new cut with confidence!

Learn Your Curl Pattern

This is possibly the most important tip any hair care expert could give you. 3A curls are going to look a lot lighter and bouncier when short than 4B curls, which tend to be denser and tighter. It’s also important to keep in mind that if you have longer, looser curls, your hair may end up looking wavy rather than curly when cut short compared to someone with more defined curls. Likewise, your hair might have more volume if you dramatically shorten tight, defined curls.

Use the Right Products

Depending on your curl pattern, you may need to switch up your product regime. In general, it’s important to choose products that moisturize and define curls without weighing them down. Curly hair is already inherently drier than straight hair, and that quality can often seem more obvious when your hair is short. If you notice your curls looking brittle and weighed down, a hair mask, leave-in conditioner, and curl defining cream can do wonders in keeping your hair fresh and bouncy.

Invest in a Diffuser

A diffuser attachment on your blow dryer helps dry your hair with minimal frizz and poof, allowing you to better control your new short hairstyle.

Get the Right Cut

A tip that should seem obvious, it’s crucial to choose a cut that works for your bone structure, face shape, curl pattern, and lifestyle. If you’re someone who likes to sleep in and head to work straightaway, then opt for a cut that’s super easy to style. On the other hand, if you are an early riser with a few extra minutes to spare, a trendy short curly cut (bangs, anyone?) may be just the change you’ve always wanted.

Learn to Plop

Plopping is a drying method specifically designed for women with curly hair. All you need is an old soft t-shirt and your favorite styling products to get started. Plopping helps keep your curls looking bouncy, moisturized, and polished.

Back Away from the Shampoo

Because curly hair is inherently dry, it’s important not to overwash it. Every person is different, but most women with short curly hair can easily get away with shampooing their hair no more than once or twice a week. This will help keep your hair as hydrated as possible.

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