5 Simple Hacks To Add Volume To Thin Hair

Having thin hair feels like a gift and a curse. On one hand, you can walk out the door after a shower and show up to work 30 minutes later with a fresh, dry style. But thin hair is also tricky to style, as you may not have enough to try a trendy top knot or full beachy waves. While there are many reasons you may have thin hair—poor nutrition, products that cause irritation, alopecia, etc.—sometimes it’s just genetic. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple tricks to give you the best, most voluminous hair of your life!

Put Down the Product

It’s hard to believe, but even the best products can go wrong if you start using too much of it. While a dime-sized amount of one or two products will help add shine and volume, any more than that might weigh it down if you have thin hair. When you are trying to style thin hair, it’s important to make sure your hair is about 80 percent dry before you start applying products. One rule of thumb is that adding sprays and mists should never leave your mane looking or feeling wetter than before.

Massage Your Roots

Volume starts at the roots, which is why stylists always recommend applying volumizing products to your roots before massaging them in. Try your best not to rub them straight into your scalp and instead backcomb the products to add extra height and volume. Next, use a texturizing spray to tousle your locks and give them a relaxed look.

Cleanse Your Scalp

The simple act of massaging your scalp in the shower often makes a dramatic difference in the way your hair looks, especially if you tend to use a lot of product. Too much product can clog your scalp and ultimately weigh your hair down, so make sure to focus most of your attention on your roots when you’re shampooing.

Use Dry Shampoo

While many women use dry shampoo on a regular basis, applying it the right way is just as important as using it at all. Most women have oily hair in the front, as that’s where makeup and sweat tend to collect. Sam McKnight, celebrity hairstylist to stars like supermodel Kate Moss, suggests misting your dry shampoo in a halo-like fashion, circling your hairline and part—the two main areas where sweats and oils may be weighing down your hair.

Break Out Your Curling Iron

Curls add volume, definition, and texture to your otherwise limp locks, so when you need an extra boost, curling your hair is a quick fix that works nearly every time. To ensure you aren’t adding too much heat to your hair or damaging your ends, try using your curling tongs to create loose waves and a slight bend to your hair. Not only does this curling method limit your hair’s heat exposure, it also creates a more natural look than traditional curls.

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