3 Homemade Face Masks To Transform Your Skin

There are so many different types of face masks to choose from—sheet, clay, charcoal, peel-off; the list goes on and on. With countless options, it’s hard to decide which type of face mask to spend your money on. Nobody wants to waste cash on a mask that dries out their skin or ends up leaving them with more acne than when they started. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this dilemma that will allow you to figure out what works for your complexion while saving money: DIY face masks. Just a few simple ingredients can help you get the clear, radiant skin you crave. Here are some of the best homemade face masks to try:


Your skin needs nourishment to stay dewy, soft, and firm. Without proper care, you may notice flaky skin, tightness, and dryness that wasn’t there before. To keep your skin looking young and fresh, mix together the following ingredients:

  • 1 tbsp. honey
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 cup bran or oats

Leave this hydrating mask on for 15 minutes before washing off. Oats have been known to heal damaged skin and calm redness around the face, while honey is an excellent natural moisturizer that won’t make your skin feel greasy or oily. When combined with these two ultra-moisturizing ingredients, mashed avocado nourishes your skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

Dewy Complexion

How is it that models always seem to have a natural glow? While a good highlighter certainly gives their skin an extra boost, there’s only so much makeup can do to brighten your skin naturally. To brighten your complexion at home, without tricky makeup hacks, try this DIY face mask recipe:

  • ¼ papaya
  • 1 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • Dime-sized amount of aloe vera gel

After mixing your mask, rub it onto your face and leave on for 10 minutes before wiping it off with a tissue. Not only does papaya act as a natural exfoliant, it also brightens your complexion for a natural glow. Meanwhile, aloe vera is packed with essential vitamins like b12, b6, and C to soothe skin and boost radiance. The addition of cocoa powder stimulates circulation to keep your skin feeling firm and plump.

Sensitive Skin

For those with sensitive skin, the mere idea of using a face mask can seem pretty daunting. Many exfoliating ingredients—natural or not—may irritate your skin, leaving your face puffy and red. Fortunately, there are DIY masks designed just for beauty addicts with sensitive skin. For a healthy glow, combine the following ingredients:

  • ½ banana
  • 1 tbsp. orange juice
  • 1 tbsp. honey

After gently applying this mask, leave on for 15 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. Make sure to moisturize once all the mask has been rinsed off. Because this face mask is made for sensitive skin, it works well to nourish any complexion and reduce redness in all skin types.

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