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Great Celebrity Hair Care Tips

Ever wonder how celebrities always seem to have perfect hair, even when there’s no stylist in sight? While it’s true that they have every luxury money can buy, even the most famous celebrities have to take care of their own hair. Shiny, bouncy, full hair takes a lot of work to achieve, but you don’t


Simple Ways to Style Your Hair without Heat

With the weather getting colder and drier, nothing sounds less appealing than damaging your hair any further with hot tools like blow dryers and straighteners. All that heat can make your once-soft mane feel crispy, fried, and rough. While it’s important to make sure your hair is as moisturized as possible throughout winter, it’s also


Happy Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air today 💕, but don’t forget to make sure your hair gets a little love too! Believe it or not, your hair reveals a lot about your health, lifestyle, and more. Noticing a lot more grays lately? You may be struggling with stress at work. Seeing extra hair on your shower


Get Your Hair Valentine’s Day Ready

Your hair speaks volumes about your personality, and on Valentine’s Day, it’s especially important to choose a style that shows your date exactly who you are—whether you want to go big and make major changes or keep it simple and classic. So, before you head out for your Valentine’s Day plans on Thursday, make sure