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Promotion: Free Makeup After Any Service Today

There are so many reasons to love makeup. It enhances and highlights your natural beauty. It covers up imperfections. And it’s so fun — and almost therapeutic — to play around and experiment with the wide variety of makeup available. However, unless you’re a professional makeup artist or spend all your time watching makeup videos


12 Top Hot Springs in the U.S.

In our last blog post, we talked about the possibly healing effects of mineral-filled hot springs. But we failed to mention where you could soak up the benefits of these tranquil and therapeutic waters. So here’s a list of the dozen best-rated natural hot springs in the U.S. 1. Allegheny Springs at the Omni Homestead


Surprising Health Benefits of Hot Springs

People have flocked to mineral waters for centuries, seeking the purported healing powers of hot springs. The actual medical benefits of hot springs and mineral waters for improving health or curing diseases remain unclear, but they are still sought out by many. Hot springs and mineral baths — sometimes called onsens or spa therapy —


8 Ways to Stop Frizzy Hair

The 4th of July in Houston means many things: friends and family, fireworks, footlongs… and unfortunately for many, frizz. When hair is dry or damaged, your hair’s cuticle (which is the outer layer of each strand) lifts up, allowing moisture from the humid Houston air to pass through and swell up each strand of hair.