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Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older

We all want to look fresh-faced and young, and makeup should help that. But if you do it wrong, makeup can add extra years to your face! Using the right techniques, avoiding beauty blunders and evolving to adapt your makeup as you age will keep you looking youthful. Here are some mistakes that can make

May 5th: Happy 4th Anniversary

Twinssalon celebrates its 5 years of business. Join us and enjoy our annual party along with cake, snack, sandwiches, and drinks plus gifts and prices! We will also be hosting our Cake Baking Contest and announce the winners, don’t miss out!  To complete the celebration, we will be offering free hair mask, or free face

Four Simple Ways to Update Your Hair Hue

We’re getting closer to summer, and it’s that time of year where a lot of women start thinking about making a change with their hair color. But not everyone needs or wants a major transformation —maybe you’re just looking for a small update or an easy way to refresh your color without a big commitment

10 Face Masks to Make at Home

Giving yourself a fun, easy and beneficial beauty treatment at home is easier than you think, especially since you probably have all the ingredients you need! To restore your skin, ease blotchiness and eradicate dryness, a DIY face mask is the way to go. Did you know lemon juice helps to lighten dark spots and

Who Makes Fashion: The Artist or the Celebrity?

Fashion lovers have never had a more extensive variety of mediums to nurture and inspire their favorite form of art. From magazines covers and images from fashion shows, to watching actresses or singers at award shows and following your favorite celebrities on Instagram, fashion is everywhere. But what makes something fashionable? Does the artist —