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Curl Girl: Tips for Styling Curly Hair

Textured hair and springy ringlets are still very much in style, so if you have naturally curly hair, consider yourself lucky. Your straight-haired friends may not understand your struggle with frizz and dry ends, but with the right hacks, your curls can be pretty effortless. However, if you struggle with keeping your curls bouncy and


Embrace Your Face and Love Your Locks

Despite what you see with social media filters, and behind the hair extensions, the truth is nobody has perfect hair or truly flawless skin. Every person probably has some complaint with their skin being too pale, too dark, overly sensitive, oily or dry, and too many zits or imperfections. The same goes with hair; many


Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

Love is in the air, and love is in your hair! Did you know locks of hair and combs were often exchanged between lovers in the Medieval Period? Gifts of hair were beloved and desired because they were once part of the giver, and still possessed something of them. However you choose to show your


Splurge on This Valentine’s Day Gift

Did you know women purchase approximately 85% of all Valentines? Maybe that’s because women love celebrating love. Or perhaps it’s because women are better shoppers and gift givers. Regardless, we love to celebrate Valentine’s Day too, and we believe all women deserve to be pampered. Our promotion for this month would make a perfect Valentine’s